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Bra Buddy - Kiwi Jasper Heart Crystal

Did you know that the very best way to absorb the energy of a gemstone is through skin-to-skin contact? 

I have carried in my pocket small crystals or stones found on my path around with me for years.  My crystal pocket evetually became my bra, I think it started  because I had a pair of pants on with no pockets and needed to stash my crystal somewhere.

So here they are, Bra Buddies..... small and smooth heart crystals that comfortably fit in your bra!


Kiwi Jasper 20mm Heart Crystal

Key Words: Tranquility, release, strength

Element: Fire

Chakras: Heart (4th)


Kiwi Jasper can help the wearer open their heart to the natural pulse of love, bringing a sense of bliss & tranquility. Do you need to let go of something? Kiwi Jasper enhances emotional strength to prepare you in facing reality, including letting go of things that no longer serve you, specifically addictions and compulsive behaviors. Let go of your stress and bask in the support and love of the Universe.


Affirmation: I release all that no longer serves me. I allow the love of the Earth to flow through me. I am prepared for all that is to come.

This is for 1 heart stone, no two stones are alike.

Bra Buddy - Kiwi Jasper Heart Crystal

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