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Bra Buddy - Aventurine Crystal Heart

Did you know that the very best way to absorb the energy of a gemstone is through skin-to-skin contact? 

I have carried in my pocket small crystals or stones found on my path around with me for years.  My crystal pocket evetually became my bra, I think it started  because I had a pair of pants on with no pockets and needed to stash my crystal somewhere.

So here they are, Bra Buddies..... small and smooth heart crystals that comfortably fit in your bra!


Aventurine 20mm Heart Crystal

Key Words: Vitality, growth, confidence

Element: Water,Earth

Chakras: Heart (4th)


A stone of good luck, that is recommended for those who wish to manifest greater prosperity.

Green aventurine is a stone of optimism & love for life. Wether you need a sprinkle of extra wealth, an abundance of love and friendship, or just a bit of personal growth, Aventurine just wants you to succeed in all of your dreams, no matter how big or small.   It sparks your confidence in new situations and changes in such things as employment, relationships, or moving to a new home. Aventurine encourages you to  look on the bright side, and to move forward from your heart. Wear your Aventurine heart crystal in your bra and tap into your beautiful creative spirit, find success in all your dreams, and dance the abundance within your own soul.


Affirmation: I move forward with heartfelt positivity, confidence, & abundance in all areas of my life.

This is for 1 heart stone, no two stones are alike.

Bra Buddy - Aventurine Crystal Heart

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