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Hi! My name is Erin and Frannie Bird is my 4th child! I am a mother to 3 amazing kids who are all growing and becoming more independant.  For as long as I could remember I always wanted the career of being a stay at home mom, and I continue to love almost every moment of it!  Motherhood is one of those tricky things, you invest so much of yourself & love into it and then BAM just like that your kids are all growing up! Even though being a mom is still number one I found myself with this new  "freedom" and wondering, what next?  I was longing to nourish my creative & entrepreneurial spirit. So many ideas came my way, should I take up photography again, open a healthy smoothy bar? How about a mobile vending machine trailer?  Or maybe I should use the knowledge from the gazillion energy work, yoga, and self discovery trainings that I took over the years to teach some sort of class? The one thing  I did know, is that I love seeing other people feel good, & whatever I did I wanted to encourage that. You know what happened, you know how I decided to open an online boutique? One morning I looked into my closet so I could get dressed to drive my kids to school, and I realized, my closet was shit! That was it, I wanted to feel good when looking into my closet for something to wear, & I knew that I was not the only one! 

There you go,  that's how Frannie Bird came to be! <3 

P.S I love long walks on the beach, haha I really do, I love any body of water! Dipping my toes into the ocean every couple of years is a must! I am kind of an energy junkie....I love energy healing, self improvement, motivational audio books, yoga, listening to the sounds of the forest, or waves crashing on the beach. 


Why Frannie Bird?

Frannie came from my grandmother Fran. I don't know anyone who loved clothes & jewelry more than her. If she like it she had it in every color. As a kid I was in awe of how full her closet was!

Here comes my nerdy energy  junkie...birds have been coming to me as signs for a while now, especially when I am riding the waves that life sends my way. In the couple of weeks before I started Frannie Bird there was an abnormal amount of hawks, an owl, a massive golden eagle sitting on a post staring right at me, and a swan. They all came at moments that I could not ignore. 

Viola.... Frannie Bird!

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